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Social Marketing


Social marketing

More than 3 billion people use social network severy month. Their number has increased by 13% this year.
Social media is a great opportunity to interact with customers and prospects, build customer knowledge and anticipate futuree xpectations.
Lokmi enables advertisers, agencies and freelancers to improve campaign performance and identify the best value proposition and personae.
Our goal with Lokmi is to facilitate the use and power of segmentation and acquisition through social marketing.

5 M
Budget managed by Lokmi
+ 30

Why Lokmi?

Given the complexity of the subject, we tried to build a simple and intuitive tool. Only information that allows decisions to be made to improve acquisition is available. More features are coming soon. Register for free to take advantage of it.
If you need help to take full advantage of the possibilities with Lokmi or if you want to discuss social marketing, a short email to contact@lokmi.fr and we will answer you quickly